IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS Preparation Course is designed to meet the needs of students preparing to take the IELTS. It offers a complete guide to developing the skills required for either academic or general module. It provides comprehensive preparation for and practice in a complete range of skills. This course will prepare you to have a better understanding of the all IELTS skills and assessment criteria. Students will be prepared to get the overall band score 7 and above. The course is being delieverd in a length of 51 hours.
This course will be using a hybrid system to support our teaching and learning goals. Students receive information on the test types, become test-wise, and receive hints and strategies to tackle their testing problems and aim for their desired score. Our practices are offered in a bi-fold mode through two instructors. One instructor is in charge of the receptive skills, and you will receive your training in the productive skills through another instructor.


Learners should enjoy a language proficiency equal to B2 or IELTS 5


  • Receptive skills: Listening
  • Receptive Skills: Reading
  • Productive Skills: Speaking
  • Productive Skills: Writing
  • Listening Test Types
  • Listening Test Strategies
  • Reading Test Types
  • Reading Test Strategies
  • Writing Task 1 Academic
  • Writing Task 1 General
  • Writing Task 2
  • An Introduction to IELTS
  • How to register
  • Interview Sections: 1,2,3
  • Enhancing Structures and Grammar
  • Refining Structures for Productive Skills
  • Boosting Vocabulary for IELTS

Acquired Skills

Learners will be test wise and they can sit IELTS when the course is done. The course is designed to reach you to 7+ IELTS bandscore.

کلاس های آتی این درس

اسفند 4
IELTS Preparation Course
  سعادت آباد
  51 ساعت  |  شنبه 17:30 تا 20:30, دوشنبه 17:30 تا 20:30, چهارشنبه 17:30 تا 20:30
اسفند 10
IELTS Preparation Course
  51 ساعت  |  پنجشنبه 11:00 تا 14:00, جمعه 11:00 تا 14:00