About Us

Established in 1971 by two Sharif University graduates “Dr. Saeed Saadat”, and “Saeed Kharazizadeh (Eng.)”, Tehran Institute of Technology first offered a series of courses such as “Electronics”, “Electro-Technics”, “Electro-Mechanics”, “Radio, Black-and-White and color TV Repair”, and “Industrial Power”.

Placed among the leading academies to promote quality and quantity of the prevailing courses of the time, TIT has always been looking for the latest studies and their feasibility to excel in education, train new skills based on the need of the country industry, thus started codifying computer training courses from the very outset of 1982 with the entrance of the preliminary personal computers in the country. While personal computers became prevalent in 1988 TIT was the first center to hold computer training courses and received the permit from the Technical and Vocational Training Organization.

Enjoying about 75 training centers countrywide, including branches and agencies throughout the country, and publication of more than 2000 book titles and myriads of educational and scholarly projects in the realm of IT and computer, TIT holds to be the most prominent IT organization in the private sector of the country. 

TIT has always been trying to tune in with the exponential growth and evolutions in computer industry, thus it presently owns a documented strategy to reach its objectives. On the basis of the outlook provided in this document:

MFT thinks of a day when at least one member from every Iranian family suitably enjoys its services or products!  

Intending to realize the documented outlook, TIT finds its mission in development and expansion of educational services, publication and distribution of books and periodicals, offering of ICT-based services in the fields of technology, art, management, business & commerce. 

This organization sees itself as the most famed and paramount educational, cultural, and informatics institute in the private sector of the country, hence it sketches an efficient presence in Persian- spoken countries and a draws on a good cooperation with other countries.

Knowledge-based management and efforts to offer services and products congruent with the third millennium for skill instruction and entrepreneurship purposes have been among the wide range of activities in TIT to reach the intended goals in the 35-year perspective of our dear country, Iran.

Thanks to the rapid growth of technology followed by intense developments regarding social and economic issues into account, adopting some measures which create a balance between educational programs with technological improvements and evolutions to guarantee skillful and highly specialized human resources required is inevitably crucial. 

This organization has always been a top-notch, significant and exclusive institute in prowling for creation and maintenance of an environment enriched with “sustainable competitive advantage”, thus TIT registered and established the “Artistic and Cultural Institute of Dibagaran-E-Tehran” to offer educational sources and scientific books. The Artistic and Cultural Institute of Dibagaran-E-Tehran, being the “publication unit” of TIT, is recognized as the first holder of ISO10004:2010; and ISO 9901;2000 in cover design, and book publication in Iran.

Art & Cultural Institute of Dibagaran-E-Tehran has succeeded in gaining the permit of publishing Web Specialized Monthly Journal from the Ministry of Islamic Culture & Guidance as well as production and publication of more than 2000 book titles in various scientific fields.  This specialized journal has already succeeded in obtaining the title of the superior specialized publication of the country in six cycles of the Press International Festival. 

In 2005, Dibagaran-e-Tehran acquired the honor of publishing the first specialized journal in IT in the country by gaining the required permit so that every morning welcomes all the enthusiasts and scholars of this area. 

TIT established Internet & Informatics Department during its years of educational activities with an attitude toward learning, innovation and ongoing improvement and also in order to meet the day-by-day demands of the society and effectual communication to offer related services to the society as well as fulfilling the inter-organizational requirements.  It has been more than three decades that the founders of modern educational methods, entrepreneurship and development of country’s IT industry are active and hardly working at MFT, hand in hand, for the prosperity of our dear homeland and development of new knowledge and sciences in order to create jobs all over the country.

Today TIT enjoys more than 10  departments as Information and Communication Technology Department (ICT), Electrical and Electronics Department,  Organizational Trainings Development Department, Engineering Sciences Department,  Children and Adolescents Department ,Department of Foreign Languages,  Art Department, E-citizen, E-learning and E-content Department, Financial Sciences and Business Management Department, Student Recruitment and Tourism Department, Health Knowledge Department, Decoration and Architecture Department, Fashion Department and etc…