Welcome to Fashion Department

Fashion design is one of the most in-demand courses in the Department of Fashion in Tehran Institute of Technology.

The Department of Fashion has attempted to design courses organized based on international standards in order to provide the students with a real vision of global fashion industry technics and combine them with the modern clothing technics.

Other highlighted training point in this department is to update the knowledge of students and illustration of technics in order to learn accurate way of performing creative ideas in the world of fashion.

The characteristics of this department are presented in accordance with the requirements of the work as well as the presentation of fully applied and practical topics in modern fashion workshops. Other important issues in this department are the design courses so that audiences with any level of education can benefit from the courses. The Department of Fashion Technology can also bring manufacturers of garment industry and help them in the industry. The department with the support of experienced instructors with a history and style of its own and with a specialist in fashion and industry has been able to provide a suitable platform for advancing and raising the level of knowledge and skills of fashion designers and manufacturers.

Currently the department of Fashion offers courses

  • Basic patterning
  • Patterning for men
  • Patterning for women
  • Patterning for kids, flat cut,
  • Sassoon Pattern for Textile and Non-Textile Fabrics
  • Women's Clothing Sewing Technique
  • men's Clothing Sewing Technique
  • Non-textile Textile Sewing Technique
  • Kids Clothing Sewing Technique
  • Size and application software
  • Work with Gemini on patterning
  • Work with Gerber Software
  • Meet Garment Producers and Iranian Designers

Contact to the Department

+98 21 2729