Welcome to Information and Communications Technology Department

Information and Communication Technology has witnessed considerable growth in Iran in recent years, inspiring and encouraging people to learn ICT and utilize their knowledge.


In order to work professionally in this field, Tehran Institute of Technology established Ebnesina Branch as specialized ICT center in 2000 in Tehran, and it has been training thousands of students in the field of ICT ever since, thus preparing them to work in the market.

Today, every human being is fully-aware how much information technology and its deep influence of which on all aspects of his modern life is significant. The development and the application of this new technology.


The most in-demand training courses of the department:

  • Network Engineering: MCSE, CISCO, HP, Mikro Tik
  • Website Designing
  • Hardware
  • Software Engineering: Java, C#, Pyton
  • Virtualization
  • Telecommunication
  • Security: EC-Council, GIAC, ISACA
  • Robotics


Department’s Market

 According to considerable demand as well as increasing practical training requirements of ICT field in Iran, Tehran Institute of Technology has developed special programs to target all age ranges of those who are interested in acquiring skills and proficiency in ICT.


ICT learners will acquire the following skills, based on their knowledge of ICT at the end of the relevant courses.


Computer programming skills

In a wide range, from well-known programming languages to game programming, etc.


Web Designing skills

 Exotic designing of websites and their visual attractions.


Webmaster skills

Webmaster or Website managers.


Data center experts

Being responsible for managing data in data banks, the security of data and preparing report of available data and information.


Software designers

Being responsible for designing and producing a wide range of software in different categories, from financial and accounting software to web and mobile applications.


Network Experts

Being responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining computer networks.


Security Operators

They will be able to take responsibilities for the security of data, codes, operating systems, and practical interventions in virtual reality areas.


Security Evaluators

They are responsible for evaluating the existing security levels in physical and logical areas of Network.


Hardware Experts

They search, design, develop, repair and test computer equipment such as: chips, circuits, Monitors or Rotors.


Software experts

They advise, install, support, troubleshoot, train, and perform certain software services in for individuals and organizations.


Vulnerability and penetrability test Operators

They search and discover services & network server’s security pores and as well as permitted accessing classified data.

Contact to the Department

+98 21 2729