Welcome to Children and Adolescents Department

In contemporary societies, the influence of information technology is deemed as one of the elements indicating improvements and advancements. Today, this has been intermingled with the life of human beings to the extent that the future generations are even unable to accomplish their simple and daily tasks without taking advantage of this technology. Then, a certain plan should be provided to prepare the future generations who actually are today’s children and adolescents. 

Department for Children and Adolescents is a distinct department compared to all other sections of Tehran Institute of Technology and the reason for this distinction is the age range of the audience which is from children to adolescents. 

Since learning every new science during childhood is subtler and more effective than that in other ages, all the sciences in relation with computer should enjoy a fundamental instruction in this age group. This is only accomplished by a well-developed and goal-oriented planning that gives the opportunity for continuation of schooling in this regard. 

Thus, the Children and Adolescent Department at TIT has prepared a plan entitled Pishtazan Computer Iran (PKA) which covers all the nation-wide children and adolescents from pre-elementary to pre-university under a comprehensive educational plan at national level.  PKA is the most comprehensive plan existing in the field of Computer Science together with the focus on promoting in general knowledge, IQ and practical life skills for the children and adolescents. This plan is executed by TIT to the extent that all activities of this organization in respect to the children and adolescents through these years have resulted in nominating the title of the “Top Electronic Child Support Institute” in the country. 

At present, the educational courses of this complex are in the form of free and corresponding courses for an educational year which can be performed in our franchised institutes and schools and successful completion of each course will result in obtaining a transcript and valid certificate on the part of TIT.

Department for Children and Adolescents in Tehran Institute of Technology currently offers:

  • Calligraphy
  • ICDL
  • Photoshop
  • E-Kids
  • C++
  • Web Starter
  • Android
  • Portrait Photography
  • Robotics

Contact to the Department

+98 21 2729